Animals Match – Dot 2 Dot

600 Levels! Fun Animal Connect the Dots For Kids.

4.5 stars on App Store

Animals Match – Dot 2 DotApp Store4.5

Connect All Animals!

Best Flow Game for Kids

Animals Match – Connect the dots is an addictive yet simple puzzle game.
Connect matching animals with a line to create a match.
Pair all animals, and make sure to cover the entire board to solve each level in Flow Animals.
Be careful when you draw the line, not to cross another, or the line will be cut!

600 Levels!

Play through hundreds of levels. each theme contains 120 levels in various board sizes.
Flow Animals is easy to learn and control, but can be challenging as you advance in levels.
Animals Match is a wonderful puzzle game for all ages.
Kids will improve their skills while having fun!
Adults will enjoy a simple yet challenging and engaging game.


  • 5 different animal sets to pick from: Home Pets, Farm Animals, Wild Animals, Sea Animals and a special Dinosaur set
  • Total of 600 Unique Levels, 120 in each set.
  • Wide range of difficulty levels – from 5×5 grid to 10×10 grid. Each for his own challenge level
  • Advance in rank as you solve more puzzles
  • 3 Hints for each level to ease your play

Even More

  • Easy to play, even for small kids
  • Beautifully drawn animals in vivid HD Graphics
  • Interactive animals sound effects, Positive and pleasant feedback
  • Control the game music, sound effects from the settings menu

What will my kids learn?

Animals Match aims to help build kids pattern recognition, fine motor skills, cognitive skills and visual spatial skills.

Educational games for young children is our focus. Our kids ideas are behind many of our games and they are our first happy players for every game we make.
Our games are easy to grasp and control on one hand but challenging enough to provide a significant learning experience.


a great way to let your kids practice their problem solving skills by figuring out how to connect the animals. Definitely does a great job of bringing the flow game mechanics to a younger audience.


Nice to have a kid app that is different from the usual ones!


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