Bridges – Brain Train

Can you connect all islands on board? 960 Levels to test your skills

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Bridges – Train Your Brain

A New Challenge!

Bridges is the perfect game to keep your mind sharp. Play on your way to work or whenever you have a minute to improve on your skills and train you brain. Bridges, also known as Hashiwokakero, was introduced by Nikoli, a well known Japanese publisher famous for its sudoku game. Bridges is a logic puzzle with simple rules and challenging solutions.


Challenge yourself with 960 levels spread over 8 packs of varying difficulty levels.
From 5×5 beginners board up to 12×12 for the true masters.

There are hints too.


  • Connect each Island on the board with as many bridges as displayed over it.
  • You can connect either with horizontal or vertical lines. Diagonals are not allowed.
  • There cannot be more than two bridges connecting any two islands.
  • Bridges cannot cross other bridges or islands.
  • The bridges will create a path between all islands on the board (meaning, there cannot be a group of isolated islands)

Simple Game Play

  • Touch an island and drag towards another to place a bridge between the two.
  • If a bridges already exist between the two islands, another will be drawn.
  • Click on an existing bridge to remove it. Note that bridges created using hints cannot be removed.

Options and More

  • Various board size – from 5×5 for beginners to 12×12 for the experts
  • Appealing user interface & theme take this simple game to new heights.
  • Easy to learn and control, even by small kids
  • Control puzzle settings, sound and more from the settings page


Great brain workout. Clean and cute theme works great for me


Great. Love to play it on my way to work.


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