Bubble Fight!

An engaging, fast paced arcade game for all ages. Play bubble fight in family gatherings and parties with friends. Up to 4 players on a single tablet!

5 stars on App Store

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Fast Paced Action For The Entire Family!


This is one game you are not likely to forget!
Great entertainment for the family gathering or between friends.
An engaging arcade game for all ages. To play bubble fight you only need to defend your end line by drawing barriers in the field to repel incoming bubbles.
You must keep bubbles of your color from hitting your end while trying your best to push the other players’ bubbles to their end line.

Sound simple, isn’t it?

Well, it’s like juggling, one bubble out is easy, but just try to block three bubbles while ‘helping’ other bubbles to your friend’s end. All that while your opponent tries to do the same to you..
5 strikes and you’re out! Who will win the match?

Tests your skills against the computer in 20 challenging levels
Or match against one or even three of your friends and family, all on the same device!


  • Single Player Game – 20 challenging levels with increased difficulty level
  • Two Player Game – 1 vs 1. all or nothing
  • Four Player Game – all against all! for the funniest play you can imagine
  • Choose your game background from 8 predefined backgrounds or use your own background in the game

Even More

  • Create your own background using the device camera or loading existing photos from the device library
  • Enjoy superb background music and funny sound effects to immerse yourself in the game
  • You can also use your own music library as background to the game
  • HD Graphics. Suitable for all IPad generations


With bright, joyful theme Bubble Fight is pure fun for the entire family.
Best played in family gathering and among friends.
Have Fun!


Awesome. This app is very fun! its very fast paced and an excellent party game! Hope to see more like it.


Love this action packed game!!! Similar to air hockey with some cool new mechanics mixed in. Great music and sound effects. LOVE the game!!!


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