All you need to do is clear the board! That is ... If you can. 240 challenging levels!

4.4 stars on App Store

ClearedApp Store4.4

“can’t .. stop .. must beat this level!”

Unique Game Mechanics

Cleared is an addictive and challenging puzzle game. Easy to control, fun to play, hard to win!
Match 3 or more dots of the same color to remove those nasty taints from your board. score more for successive matches.
Switch between colored dots or bring new dots from the queue to the board.
For every dot you add, the game will add its own to mess a little with your plans, or give a little unexpected help :)

240 Challenging Levels

Each level introduces a new and unique board with challenging conditions to meet.
Remove all taints and beat the conditions to clear the level.
Advance in rank as you solve more puzzles, to become the Cleared Master!

No Luck, Just Brain Power

Unlike other games, luck has no major role in Cleared. You control most of what happens on the board and almost all levels can be solved regardless of the game counter play. but you need to plan carefully, as you have only 5 lives to spare. in some levels, every move counts!

Varying Challenge

There are total of 240 levels, starting easy and gets more challenging as you advance. The board itself starts as a 4×4 grid and get larger every 30 levels.
Challenges vary from board to board. There are boards where you need to get a minimal score to pass to the next level. on others you need to beat the clock, or clear a specific pattern.

Note, Cleared is free to play. However, there are some in-game items such as extra lives or moves that requires payment. you can turn off payments by disabling in-app purchases on your device’s settings.

Cleared is a wonderful puzzle game for all ages. Enjoy a new challenging and engaging game in a familiar theme.


Love this app. Great original game that’s easy to play with tons of levels. Totally addicted!


Challenging but very fun!


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