Daniel’s Room: A Game of Toys

A Unique Match 3 based game. Meet Daniel's Play Room! Solve its puzzles to fill it with fun toys!

4.5 stars on App Store

Daniel’s Room: A Game of ToysApp Store4.5

Daniel’s Room!

Fill Your Playroom with Toys!

Meet Daniel’s Play Room! Actually, this is your room and you can if full of cool and fun toys!
Use your skills to solve unique puzzle boards and gain gold.
Spend your gold to get those lovely toys to your room.

All Skill, No Luck

Daniel’s Room: A Game of Toys, is a skill based puzzle game where you need to clear boards filled with cute toys. Using the familiar yet fun match-3 based system, you need to clear the backgrounds either by swiping between two toys of different types, or by adding toys from the queue.


  • 240 unique levels to test your brain
  • Social – share your success on facebook and get bonuses.
  • 28 Toys to collect to your room
  • Superb background music and effects

Even More

  • Varying Board challenges – Beat the clock, Reach a minimum points or finish under a specific number of steps.
  • Increasing difficulty level and grid size as you advances from level to level
  • Lovely HD resolution graphics optimized for thrilling experience
  • Polished controls for an immersive user experience
  • Settings to modify difficulty level

Get ready for some Excruciating FUN!

Test your brain to its limits. Can you beat each level in Daniel’s Room?
With 240 challenging levels, there’s a whole world of puzzles to solve! and a ton of toys to collect to your play room!


Wow, my nieces and nephews are loving the couple of apps that I was able to pick up for them this week. Daniel’s Room being one of them, it takes what they have been doing on their iPads a little step further in adding puzzles to their collection. The graphics are great, the UI is spot on and they’re having a blast with this! Definitely recommended!


This app is my new favorite puzzle game. The puzzles themselves are fairly easy, but kids, especially, will have a great time solving them. It helps that the interface is really easy on the eye.

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