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Connect the Dots - with Dino and Friends

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Connect The Dots with Dino!

Education is FUN!

Connect the dots is Tiltan Games newest educational app for kids and toddlers in the loved Dinosaurs theme!
Play 144 different scenes in 3 difficulty levels, learn each new word. Practice counting to 20 or the ABC.
Your kids will just love discovering over 90 wonderfully drawn unique pictures and will improve their skills while having fun!

How to Play?

In each scene, children will see a number of dots with numbers or letters on each. Your child will then pick the first dot and start drawing lines to the next ones.
Every time your kid will successfully connect a dot, the game will highlight the connected dot, voice its number or letter and color the line in red. Once kids complete the shape, a pleasant voice will say the complete word. highlighted text will show the written word. It will also congratulates the kids on a their great work. In addition, balloons fly up or bubbles drop to celebrate the children success and your kid can enjoy popping them.


  • 144 connect the dot scenes, from 4 dots for the first one up to 35 dots
  • Over 90 unique pictures to discover
  • 3 Difficulty levels – Each containing 48 scenes
  • Easy – Connect 4-10 Dots
  • Medium – Connect 11-20 Dots
  • Hard – Connect 21-35 Dots
  • Beautiful pictures from variety of subjects – dinosaurs, toys, vehicles, fruits and vegetables, and many more

Even More

  • Positive and pleasant feedback for each action your kid make
  • Fun mini games: pop falling colorful bubbles or explode rising balloons
  • Large dots, easy for even the youngest kids to pick and draw
  • Hinting mechanism to support the child decisions
  • Pleasant Voice over to teach young kids the words as well as how to count up to 20 or the ABC.
  • Kids safe buttons to prevent accidental entry to parent related pages
  • Control the level of assistance children get from the game while playing

What will my kid learn?

Connect the Dots with dino and friends aims to help build kids shape and pattern recognition, fine motor skills, cognitive skills and visual spatial skills. In addition, helpful voice over assist in learning numbers and the english ABC.

Tiltan Games kids series aims to bring a comfortable and fun learning experience for kids and toddlers. Connect the Dots improves your kids skills while keeping them entertained.

Our educational games are specifically tailored to fit preschool-aged kids, and encourage them to learn from each activity.
Dino Dots is aimed for kids in the ages 1-6


This app is designed specifically for children. It teaches children to recognize the digital and living things. I think that this app is suitable for primary children learning. Its a simply but very practical. Recommended to parents.


Amazing. Cute characters and images. wonderful sounds, easy and accurate conteols and i love the ability to use either numbers or the alphabet.


My two year old grandson could not put it down until he finished the medium level.


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