Dino Puzzles for Kids

Dino Puzzles for Kids is a must have for every kid who loves Dinosaurs!

4.5 stars on App Store

Dino Puzzles for KidsApp Store4.5

Best Toddlers Dinosaur Puzzle!

Unique Puzzles

Play 24 Lovely puzzles for kids and toddlers with Dinosaur theme!
Develop your kids mind, spatial skills, self- esteem, sagacity and memory skills. Your kids will just love these wonderfully drawn puzzles and will improve their skills while having fun!
Dinosaur Puzzle has entertaining sounds and animations as well as great dinosaur pictures. Lovably Dinosaur jigsaw puzzle for Preschool and toddlers!

Perfect Puzzles

With bright, joyful colors each puzzle background is unique, depicting different area: forest, plains, desert, mountains, arctics. each area has both day or night versions. 
HD Graphics, suitable for new HD devices.
For kids in the ages 1-6


  • 24 Puzzles, from 6 pieces for the first puzzle upto 16 pieces for the last ones
  • Each puzzle has a unique background and revolve around the Dinosaur theme
  • HD Graphics
  • Positive feedback for each action your kid makes – sounds and effects
  • Fun and engaging pieces, either complete shape pieces or traditional looking puzzle pieces
  • Large pieces, easy for kids to pick and move
  • Lovable characters – lovely dinosaurs, cute little chameleon lizard and pterodactyl
  • Increasing difficulty level as your kid advances from puzzle to puzzle

What will my kids learn?

Dino Puzzles aims to help build kids brain in certain areas such as shape and pattern recognition, fine motor skills, cognitive skills and visual spatial skills.
The first type of puzzles aims to enhance your kid ability to identify and match shapes, from simple ones to more complicated ones. The second and third puzzle types are aimed for more advanced shape and pattern recognition

Tiltan Educational Games

Tiltan Games kids series aims to bring a comfortable and funny learning experience for kids and toddlers. With vivid colors, pleasant background music and sound effects, Dino Puzzles for kids will improve your kid’s skills while keeping them entertained.
Dino puzzle is a fun way of familiarizing your kids with new things. This game improves your kids skills by asking child to solve series of simple and fun pattern-matching puzzles. Dinosaur Puzzles for Kids shows stunning prehistoric jigsaw graphics and deliver a visual experience unlike any other puzzle game. So, Download it and improve your children skills!!


It’s a really great puzzle for small kids. My 3 years old keep asking for it every time.


What a fantastic game for kids. Great colourful theme attract kids. Recommended to all!


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