Real Dog Puzzle Free

Like Dogs? Jigsaw Puzzles? You'll love this game! Play with these great pictures and upload yours for endless fun!

5 stars on App Store

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Real Dog Puzzles Free

Sooo Cute!

Dogs Puzzle is a wonderful puzzle game for kids as well as adults.
Play 50 amazing picture puzzles with different dogs and puppies!

Fit for everyone

Dogs puzzle has been designed to fit your taste and preferences.
Easily customize puzzles by upload your own pictures and create puzzles!
4 Activities: Jigsaw Puzzle, Scratch Card, Shuffle Puzzle, Colour Card
Too easy? Select between 2-30 pieces


  • Play through 50 Unique puzzles
  • Four different activities – Jigsaw Puzzle, Scratch Card, Shuffle Puzzle, Colour Card.
  • Wide range of difficulty levels – from 2 pieces for starters to 30 pieces for kids and adults!
  • Create your very own puzzles – Upload and Draw over your own pictures
  • Record your voice and have it played as part of the puzzle theme

Even More!

  • Amazingly cute pictures, beautifull, in vivid HD Graphics
  • Multiple side games for in between puzzle solving – pop balloons, bubbles and more.


  • Control puzzle settings, game music, and sound effects from the settings menu
  • Easy to learn and control, even for small kids


This game is quite amazing simply nice layout and smooth too and loved by my children which is always good thing. This app comes with variety of great wildlife. It keep very close to the animals. I really appreciate it thanks


I’ve been playing this game for a week. I really really love those cute little dogs. Pics are Hd, and puzzles with that pics are all the more exciting. I find this app to be awesome!


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