Draw Hockey HD

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Draw Hockey HD

Action Packed!

Unlike anything you’ve played before!
Ever played Air-Hockey? Now comes the next generation in air hockey games – Air Hockey with a twist.
Great entertainment for a family gathering or between friends.

1, 2 and even 4 Players

Play this fast paced game, on a lovely wooden themed air hockey table.
Instead of moving a disk, you can now draw breakers to block and direct the disk. Oh, and there is more than one disk to manage. If your good, many more…
In this new Hockey game, you can play in a single game mode against the computer, 2 players or even 4 friend on one device!

Supercharged Gameplay

Each player needs to keep track of his own color disks and prevent them from reaching his end line. All the while, attempting to divert their opponents disks towards their end line, thus striking a hit. If you manage to hit your opponent 5 times, you win the match!
A cannon placed at the table center keeps sending more pucks to the table, making sure to keep you busy :)
Sound simple, isn’t it? Well, it’s like juggling, one puck out is easy, but just try to block three of yours while ‘helping’ other pucks to your friend’s end. All that while your opponent(s) tries to do the same to you..

160 Levels for single play

In the single player version against the computer, you will test your skills in 160 challenging levels. The pace and difficulty level increases from level to level.
Each player has only 5 hits. 5 strikes and you’re out! Who will win the match?
Also, there is a limit to the amount of breakers you can have at the same time, so be careful not to expose your end line at the wrong moment…


* Single Player Game – 160 challenging levels with increased difficulty level. 40 levels in 4 packs.
* Two Player Game – 1 vs 1.
* Four Player Game – all against all! for the funniest play you can imagine
* Powerups to save the day!
* Lovely wooden table background
* Enjoy energetic background music and cool sound effects to immerse yourself in the game.
* You can also use your own music library as background to the game.
* HD Graphics. Suitable for all IPad generations.


Cool game! The best air hockey game


Very original gameplay, got me hooked right away, recommended!


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