Halloween Puzzle

Explore 20 puzzles and get into the spirit of halloween!

4.5 stars on App Store

Halloween PuzzleApp Store4.5

Solve Puzzles & Paint in Halloween Spirit!

Fun and Scary Pictures!

Halloween Games is a wonderful Halloween game for kids and toddlers
Explore 20 puzzles and get into the spirit of Halloween !
Paint over 12 awesome picture and record your voice.
Select the level of difficulty fit for your kids!
Aimed for kids in the ages 2-8


  • Play through 20 unique & scary puzzles
  • Two types of puzzles: Jigsaw and Shuffle
  • Paint 12 black and white drawings & Save your kids drawings
  • Kids can Record and play their voice
  • Wide range of difficulty levels – from 2 pieces for starters to 30 pieces for preschool kids and first graders!
  • Easy to learn and control, even for small kids

Even More!

  • Funny and scary costumes, beautifully drawn in vivid HD Graphics
  • Positive and pleasant feedback.
  • Multiple side games for in between puzzle solving – pop balloons or bubbles, or just play with your farm animals.
  • Control the game music and sound effects from the settings menu
  • Kids safe parent section

How The Puzzles work?

In each puzzle, children will have an outline of an image. Your child will then slide the puzzle piece into its assigned location. Once the kid gets a piece close enough to its target location, the game assists the kid by snapping the piece into place.
Every correct placement provides a colorful positive feedback to the kid amusement. Once kids complete the puzzle, a pleasant voice congratulates the kids on a their great work.
In addition, balloons or bubbles appear to celebrate the children success and they can enjoy popping them out.

What will my kids learn?

Halloween Games is a lovely game for all ages. Kids will improve their skills while having fun!
Our educational games are specifically tailored to fit preschool-aged kids, and encourage them to learn from each activity. Our games are easy to grasp and control on one hand but challenging enough to provide a significant learning experience.
Have Fun!


This is a cool Halloween themed app. Kids can complete puzzles and draw. There are difficulty options too, which is nice. The app is easy to use and is pretty great!


Amazing. This Game is just too good the interface is clean and very neat totally love it.


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