Play with Dino

Play with dino the Dinosaur! A first app for babies and toddlers.

4.1 stars on App Store

Play with DinoApp Store4.1

Dino the explorer!

Two games in one great package!

Now with 2 games in one – solve puzzles and explore hidden objects.
“Don’t try to understand it, Babies just love it!”
Explore 5 unique zones and find all hidden objects and actions!
Play 24 Lovely puzzles for kids and toddlers with Dinosaurs theme!

Toddler first App

Play with dino was designed with the help of toddlers and is aimed for them (1-4 years old).
Parents who wish to introduce their toddlers to their first educational game ever, look no further.
Explore Dino’s interactive world in this fun new dinosaur game from Tiltan Games.

What’s inside?

There are two activities in the game (and more on the way):
1. Explore Dino World – is an exploration type of activity, where little kids and toddlers try to find out everything that happens in the game simply by touching everything. Touch anything on the screen and see how it acts!
2. Puzzles – there are 3 types of puzzles – jigsaw puzzles, Complete shapes and puzzles with irregular shapes. Each offers a different challenge for your kid.
Your kids will just love these wonderfully drawn puzzles and will improve their skills while having fun!


  • 5 Exploration zones full of items to find and actions to interact with
  • 24 Unique Puzzles, from 6 pieces for the first puzzle up to 16 pieces for the last ones
  • Lovable funny characters – lovely dinosaur, cute little chameleon lizard and pterodactyls
  • Large puzzle pieces, easy for kids to pick and move
  • Increasing difficulty level
  • Positive and pleasant feedback for each action your kid makes – sounds and effects
  • Kids safe buttons to prevent accidental entry to parent related pages

Fun Learning Experience

Educational games for young children is our focus. Our kids ideas are behind many of our games and they are our first happy players for every game we make.
Our games are easy to grasp and control on one hand but challenging enough to provide a significant learning experience.


Excellent App. Much needed improvements were done. My son loves this game.


Pretty good for toddlers My 3 year old enjoys this game thoroughly.


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