Puzzle for Santa

Christmas is coming and your kids will just love to play with these new puzzles!

4.5 stars on App Store

Puzzle for SantaApp Store4.5

Puzzle For Santa!

Christmas is coming

Enjoy christmas with 18 beautiful puzzles
Christmas is coming and your kids will just love to play with these new puzzles.

Each puzzle offers a new experience with vivid characters and wonderfully drawn backgrounds.
HD Graphics, suitable for new HD devices.

Perfect Puzzles for Toddlers

Positive and pleasant feedback for the kid for each part and when puzzle is complete.
Difficulty levels are increasing gradually, starting from 9 pieces to over 20 pieces per puzzle.
There are two types of puzzles, one is the classic pieces and a second one where each piece depict a complete item (characters and other objects)
For kids in the ages 1-6


  • 18 Puzzles, from 9 pieces for the first puzzle to over 20 pieces
  • Each puzzle has a unique background and revolve around christmas theme
  • HD Graphics
  • Positive feedback for each action your kid makes – sounds and effects

Even More

  • Fun and engaging pieces, either complete shape pieces or traditional looking puzzle pieces
  • Large pieces, easy for kids to pick and move
  • Lovely HD resolution graphics and effects optimized for thrilling experience
  • Lovable characters – lovely santa, elf, penguin and snowman
  • Increasing difficulty level as your kid advances from puzzle to puzzle

Get ready for some FUN!

Puzzle for Santa is a great game to get into Christmas spirit with your toddler. While mostly staying on the fun factor, kids will improve their spatial skills, pattern recognition and hand to eye coordination.
Our educational games are specifically tailored to fit preschool-aged kids and encourage them to learn from each activity. We specialize in fun educational games.


This is really great. It’s easy to use and has a lot of puzzle for my little ones to play. And it gets them even more excited for the holiday season, if that’s possible. It’s accurate and doesn’t have problems detecting this little fingers and it teaches them problem solving skills too. Must have for the kids.


This is an adorable Christmas puzzle game that’s perfect for your child. There’s a few different Christmas-related sceneries that they put together, whether it be wooden or jigsaw. The images are adorable, and your child will love them. Unfortunately, you only get three puzzles for free, and have to pay to unlock the rest. But I think it’s worth the buy, as the puzzles are good quality and will keep your child entertained this holiday season.


Just in time for Christmas a nice puzzle app for the kids to play with while they wait for Santa. This app has a great feel to it and nice sound effects. There’s about 18 puzzles. And each is unique from the other. Plus you get to pop balloons, HEY you know you can’t beat that! This is a really cute well-made app and I recommend it


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