Tiltan Games

Tiltan Games is an indie studio for mobile devices. Our focus is on creating fun casual and educational kid games .

Our Team

Adi Raz (Founder)

Tiltan Games is sort of dream come true for me. I’m a gamer of both PC and Board games since I was little, and I’ve started coding simple games when I was at the 4th grade on a Commodore 64, using cassette tapes !

I’ve been around games for very long, but its only been very recently that I gathered the courage to start something of my own, and in the area I love most. Games.

I’ve started Tiltan Games in an attempt to build cool, fun games for everybody. Although, I admit, I’m leaning towards heavy games myself, I love playing those fun little games, especially on mobile devices.

My first go will be Traveler, a light arcade like game, where you can save the princess, collect tons of treasures and simply destroy everything in your way. I Hope you enjoy it, as much as I did building it :-) .

Happy Playing!

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