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Having problem to unlock a game or purchase in-app-product?
Please note that in our kids apps, all purchases are locked behind a parental gate. In order to purchase an item, you need to press the OK button on the purchase popup for 3 seconds to proceed to store. once validating the purchase on store, you will receive a message saying that the product has been successfully purchased.
Can I use an app I purchased on more than one device?
Yes, as long as you use the same account (either apple or google user), you can download the app and unlock it on any of your devices.
How to unlock a previously purchase in-app-purchase?
  • First, make sure you are logged into the same iTunes account.
  • Launch the app
  • Click on one of the locked areas.
  • On the purchase popup press the “Restore” button for 3 seconds to reqest the data from the store.
  • Game should be unlocked.
Having problem with sound?
If the app produces no sound or background music please check the following:

  • First, check the app settings page to see that either the sound effects or music buttons are not set to mute.
  • Check the device sound level to see if it is set to mute.
  • Force close the app from the running apps list. then re-open and check if sound has returned. sometimes, a glitch in the app or the device operating system may cause sound to stop. by restarting the app, we allow the sound to function properly again.
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